Friday, June 5, 2009

Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor recycled "wise Latina woman" comment many times

Sonia Sotomayor can not claim her "wise Latina woman" speech was a slip of the tongue. She was reading from a prepared text. This terminology has been used by Judge Sotomayor many times. If a white male had used the term "wise Caucasian male" to reference themselves, they would be called a racist.
Congressional Quarterly reported:
Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor delivered multiple speeches between 1994 and 2003 in which she suggested "a wise Latina woman" or "wise woman" judge might "reach a better conclusion" than a male judge.

Those speeches, released Thursday as part of Sotomayor's responses to the Senate Judiciary Committee's questionnaire, (to see Sotomayor's responses to the Senate Judiciary Committee click here and here) suggest her widely quoted 2001 speech in which she indicated a "wise Latina" judge might make a better decision was far from a single isolated instance.

A draft version of a October 2003 speech Sotomayor delivered at Seton Hall University stated, "I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would, more often than not, reach a better conclusion." That is identical to her October 2001 remarks at the University of California, Berkeley that have become the subject of intense criticism by Republican senators and prompted conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh to label her "racist."

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