Monday, May 10, 2010

“God Bless America” Flag Banned By Moonbat California Teacher As Offensive

The flag hating teacher loved a picture of Barack Obama drawn by another student.
Tracy Hathaway, of Salinas, CA, told FOX News Radio her 13-year-old daughter was ordered to stop drawing the American flag and start another project at Gavilan View Middle School.

“She had drawn the flag and was sketching the letters, ‘God bless America,’ when the teacher confronted her,” Hathaway told FOX. “She said, ‘You can’t draw that – that’s offensive.’”

“My husband point-blank asked her what she found offensive about the picture – the American flag or the words, ‘God Bless America,’” she said. “The teacher didn’t say a word.”
From FOX News:

The parents of the student are still demanding an apology from the teacher, but they have not received it yet. It is hard to believe we entrust our kids to morons like this.


Anonymous said...

The moonbat should be fired.

GeronL said...

That teacher is very offensive.

She should be fired. No excuse for this behavior.

Unknown said...

It's not so much America as it is God, that they hate. They are okay with their Marxist America.