Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fantastic: Etheridge GOP Opponent Uses Video of His Attack on Student Interviewers in Campaign Ad – Video

Thug and Democrat Congressman Etheridge attacked a student who asked him if he supported the Obama agenda. His GOP opponent is rightly using that in an ad against him.

I’m Renee Ellmers. By now…Most people have seen this video. If a teacher at my son’s school treated one of his students this way — it would raise serious questions and he would be suspended. For Congressman Etheridge to describe his behavior as “a poor response” — isn’t enough. Bob Etheridge needs to explain why he did what he did. And he needs to apologize — in person — to these two students.

I’m Renee Ellmers. And I’m running for congress against Bob Etheridge. Go to my website — And join me. Thank you.

Help retire this thug.

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