Sunday, June 13, 2010

From Hot Air: On The Table

Here is a great article posted over at Hot Air. Doctor Zero dissects the deficit commission, taxes and government spending and makes a good case abolishing public sector unions needs to be part of the solution. Is it fair to ask private sector employees to pay more taxes and work until they are 65 or older so public sector employees can retire with almost full pay at the age of 50?

Some grim humor could be found earlier this week, in the spectacle of the President’s “deficit reduction commission” going over budget and running out of money. The entire premise of the commission is absurd. The deficit is not the problem. It’s a symptom. The disease is government spending. No administration or Congress dominated by Democrats has any chance of diagnosing this disease, let alone treating it effectively. There is some chance the Republicans will do better, but only if we keep on top of them.

Watching this Presidential commission discuss strategies for deficit reduction is like watching a pack of gluttons talk about getting in shape while they prowl up and down a buffet table. They linger over the deep-fried mortgage interest deduction caps, dip their spoons into the rich chocolate of the VAT tax, and lick their lips as they wait for the expired Bush tax cuts to pop out of the oven. They end up perched on the edge of creaking chairs, tittering at the wonderfully naughty idea of devouring everyone’s 401k plans for dessert. It’s a nauseating spectacle that will only end when they’re escorted from the restaurant by angry voters.

The President made some headlines...

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