Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nancy Pelosi Continues To Blame Bush For Gulf Oil Spill

Former President Bush has been out of office for almost a year and a half, but that isn't stopping Democrats from blaming him for almost everything. Here is part of Nancy Pelosi's press release following President Obama's address to the nation.
The disastrous BP oil spill is a harsh reminder of the price we are now paying for the Bush Administration and Republican Congress placing the employees of Big Oil in charge of regulating their own industry. We lost 11 lives in the tragic oil rig explosion, and our thoughts and prayers remain with the loved ones of those that perished. We have lost billions of dollars that belong to small businesses and residents in the region, and we have lost irreplaceable resources. In response, our energy policy must move in a New Direction.

“Last June, the House passed a bill to create clean energy jobs here in America, protect consumers, reduce pollution and help free us from our dangerous dependence on dirty foreign fuels while ensuring our national security. Moving forward, we must complete this legislation and invest in a clean energy future founded on American innovation and the skill of our workers. And we must harness the power of the sun, wind, soil, and our natural resources to fuel our future.”

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earlyparades said...

She's not even trying to be subtle about it, is she?

I love that scorecard... might post it on my blog too.