Thursday, June 10, 2010

Obama Decides To Give $400 Million of Your Tax Dollars to Gaza

Israel has a plan to starve Hamas with a blockade. President Obama has a plan to help thwart the Israeli plan by giving $400 million of your tax dollars to Gaza. Millions of Americans are suffering from unemployment and the national debt is has skyrocketed to record levels and President Obama wants to give $400 million of your hard earned tax dollars to people dedicated to the destruction of one of our closest allies. This is insane.

The NY Daily News reported:
WASHINGTON - President Obama pledged $400 million on Wednesday to help Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas provide fresh water and shelter to people in the increasingly "unsustainable" Gaza Strip....

So far, the Israeli strategy to starve the Hamas leadership into capitulation with the blockade has failed to work, but it has succeeded in hurting Israel's image around the world. Hamas controls the government in Gaza.

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earlyparades said...

Y'know, I was just contemplating sending a donation over to Hamas, but now I don't have to! The President's doing it for me!

Of all the things he could be doing, with OUR money in this economy, he's sending it to Gaza?