Thursday, June 10, 2010

Outrage: Gitmo Terrorists Get Gold-Plated Treatment

The remaining detainees at Guantanamo Bay are very bad men who were captured on the battlefield trying to kill Americans. These are some of the terrorist leaders who helped plot 9/11 and other attacks on America. So how are they being treated? After reading the mainstream media, your are probably envisioning them caged like animals when they are being water-boarded. The truth is far different. Very few were ever subjected to water-boarding or other enhanced interrogation techniques. As for their current treatment, they play soccer, have satellite televisions, have access to TIVO, dine on expensive exotic Middle Eastern meals and get the same medical and dental care as their guards. President Obama ordered Gitmo closed, but he has failed implement that plan. Most Americans don't want terrorists brought to American soil and their is little chance Obama will be able to keep his promise to close Gitmo. Americans aren't the only who will be happy if Gitmo stays open. The detainees don't want to be moved to a real prison.

WaPo reported:
Yesterday’s Post story on the cost of Guantanamo detailed how many U.S. tax dollars had been invested in the naval base. When I traveled to Guantanamo last September, I also saw a lot of money being spent — mostly to improve conditions for detainees who were supposedly leaving in a few months.

Visiting Camp 4, I saw bulldozers lined up for a construction project. The officer in charge explained they were preparing to bulldoze away the gravel in the exercise yard and replace it with sand....

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