Saturday, June 12, 2010

Seven Experts Claim Obama "Fudged" Their Report To Justify Drilling Moratorium

President Obama has imposed a six month drilling moratorium that is costing tens of thousands of jobs. The moratorium was justified by a report by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar that was allegedly "peer reviewed" by seven experts. That claim was a lie. The drilling moratorium recommendation was added to the report after the experts reviewed and signed it. This made it look like they were endorsing the drilling moratorium when they actually oppose it.

FOX News reported:
The seven experts who advised President Obama on how to deal with offshore drilling safety after the Deepwater Horizon explosion are accusing his administration of misrepresenting their views to make it appear that they supported a six-month drilling moratorium — something they actually oppose.

The experts, recommended by the National Academy of Engineering, say Interior Secretary Ken Salazar modified their report last month, after they signed it, to include two paragraphs calling for the moratorium on existing drilling and new permits.

Salazar’s report to Obama said a panel of seven experts “peer reviewed” his recommendations, which included a six-month moratorium on permits for new wells being drilled using floating rigs and an immediate halt to drilling operations.

“None of us actually reviewed the memorandum as it is in the report,” oil expert Ken Arnold...

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