Sunday, November 28, 2010

AGW Skeptics Dr. Roy Spencer & Lord Christopher Monckton are Going to Cancun for COP16

Two of the most prominent critics of anthropogenic global warming, Dr. Roy Spencer and Lord Christopher Monckton, will be in Cancun next week for the COP16 global warming climate change climate disruption conference. Let's hope the new Climate Science Rapid Response Team shows up. Spencer and Monckton would shred them. At least the choice of Cancun will garantee warm weather. Last year at Copenhagen, delegates were greeted with an embarrassing blizzard.

From PR Newswire
CANCUN, Mexico, Nov. 24, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — CFACT, the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, will feature two prominent experts on climate science and policy at COP 16, the UN conference on climate change which convenes next week in Cancun.

Lord Christopher Monckton will be in Cancun December 1 – 10.

Dr. Roy Spencer will be in Cancun December 6 – 10.

Both will be available (allowing for travel) before and after Cancun.

Last year COP 15 in Copenhagen ended without serious progress on a successor treaty to the Kyoto protocol. A series of meetings in Germany and China were likewise inconclusive. The UNFCCC is under severe pressure to jump start the treaty process in Mexico, however, public doubts about climate science and policy coupled with an inability of developed and developing nations to find common ground leave the UNFCCC with a daunting task ahead.

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Climate Chains said...

There are 16 Trillion reasons why these Climate gabfesters want to tax the world into oblivion.
They will stop at nothing to succeed in their march to world financial domination.
They can only be stopped at the ballot box by exposing their corrupt political puppets and voting them out of office.