Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hannity: Democrats Are Telling Me Obama is "Unhinged, Detached, Obsessed With Critics, Can't Stand Biden" (audio)

Aside from hating FOX News, Hannity's sources claim Obama is passionate about ESPN and playing golf. I guess everyone should have passion.


Anonymous said...

If Obama truly is all the things that Hannity and his sources say he is, detached, but hypersensitive to criticism etc, it's just scary-- it reminds me of why MYSELF would never be a good candidate-- just from the comment section of my 3rd grade report cards alone: "dismissive" "indifferent" etc! Maybe we should DEMAND to see folks' 3rd grade report cards, to see if they even have the proper attitude to become President of the United States-- if they are gonna run around as HE certainly did beforehand, yelling "Elect me, elect me!"

Anonymous said...

Disinformation 101: conservative pundits and politicians take turns making crap up and then proceed to cite each other ("There are stories out there that blah, blah, blah occurred/was said/etc.") as justification for propagating the fallacious stories.

This is what happens when your primary sources of "factual" information are right wing blogs and the local supermarket rags. Anyone can tell anyone anything about anything -- it doesn't make it necessarily true.

Unfortunately, the dissemination of nonsensical rumors and inflammatory innuendo is a trademark of the fine journalism observed at FOX PAC.