Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sad Irony: Navy Yard shooter followed Joe Biden's advice....

Liberals and some media were quick to claim the Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis used liberals most hated weapon: the AR-15. 

So it takes nine months and two days from Newtown, from 20 dead children and six adults, for someone else to carry the same kind of AR-15 that Adam Lanza carried into Sandy Hook Elementary School into the Washington Navy Yard.
This idiot joined in...

That doesn't not appear to be true.

And from USA Today:
WASHINGTON -- Navy Yard gunman Aaron Alexis cleared a security checkpoint with his contractor ID and carried his shotgun, unassembled, into Building 197 within minutes of starting his bloody rampage Monday, federal investigators said Tuesday.
Investigators revised and refined the details of events at the Naval Sea Systems Command headquarters that left 13 people dead, including Alexis, who was shot to death in a showdown with police.
 Instead of using an AR-15, Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis followed Joe Biden's advice:
You don't need an AR-15...buy a shotgun, buy a shotgun...

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