Monday, September 30, 2013

House RINO's ready to fold like cheap suits...

New York Representative Peter King is the head House RINO.

Via NRO:
For almost three years, the story in the House has been about Speaker John Boehner’s restive right flank causing him problems. But Republican moderates have apparently had enough.
In what is by far their boldest stand since the GOP took control of the House in 2010, a group of them are threatening to bring down a vote on the rule for the government funding bill scheduled for 6:30pm.
New York Representative Peter King is leading the charge, and his fellow New Yorker Michael Grimm is close behind him. The group told leadership on Saturday they have twenty five members who are willing to bring down the rule.
That number of defections would defeat the rule, which, like all such votes, is a party line affair. But “how many of them are going to follow up today with the pressure and everything else, I don’t know,” King told me in a phone interview.
King wants to pass a clean continuing resolution bill. “This is going nowhere,” he says about the standoff with Senate Democrats.
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