Friday, September 27, 2013

WH plays down expectations for Obamacare enrollment...

The only people who will rush to sign up for Obamacare are people who get it for free or who have per-existing conditions and very high health care costs.  Healthy young people and those who are getting their premiums will avoid it like the plague. Democrats made the penalties taxes way to low to force healthy people into the exchanges. It would take a tripling or quadrupling of the penalties taxes to accomplish that goal. The health exchanges will collapse after two years.

Via Politico:
Americans probably won’t flock to sign up for Obamacare coverage in October or even in November — and the White House doesn’t expect them to, a top Obama adviser said Wednesday.
Enrollment will go through lots of ebbs and flows over the six-month enrollment period rather than remaining steady, communications adviser David Simas told reporters during a 45-minute interview at an event sponsored by Third Way at which he downplayed the Obama administration’s expectations for the law’s rollout starting next week.
“October will be light for enrollment … November will be a little bit better,” Simas said. “December will be better than the previous month … probably a dropoff in January from December, the same thing in February with another increase in March right before enrollment ends.”
“There will be ebbs and flows throughout it,” he added. “We are looking at Oct. 1 not as the beginning of the six-day or six-week push. This is six months of raising awareness.”

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