Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Abortion Barbie's image meltdown continues...

Democrats are good at creating fake resumes.  They fall apart is the press does it's job. Unfortunately, when it comes to Obama, the press is afraid to do it's job. Wendy Davis isn't that lucky.

Via Red State:
News has broken that Wendy Davis lied about her background. She is now playing victim blaming Greg Abbott.
It is her ex-husband who talked to a left-of-center Dallas reporter. It is also her ex-husband who asked a Texas District Court to issue a temporary restraining order against Wendy Davis in 2003.
In that order, the judge ordered that Wendy Davis “be immediately restrained from . . . using illegal drugs or consuming alcohol within 24 hours before or during the period of possession of or access to the child.”
Speaking of the child, at the time her twelve year old daughter requested her father serve as her managing conservator.
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