Friday, January 31, 2014

Blue-on-Blue action: Maryland Democrat attack each other Democrat over failed Obamacare roll out...

Popcorn anyone?

Via Politico Pro $:
Gansler has been attacking his Democratic rival Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown over his role in the state’s implementation.
“The Affordable Care Act was a great accomplishment, and Maryland should have led the way in implementing President [Barack] Obama’s legacy legislation,” Gansler said in a statement. “But in the nearly four months since the website launched, most Marylanders still are unable to use it to buy insurance.”
“It’s unfortunate that we have yet to hear any viable solutions proposed by Lt. Governor Brown to help uninsured Marylanders who can’t purchase coverage because of the broken website,” said Gansler’s running mate, Jolene Ivey. “We’re waiting for an explanation from him about how he spent $170 million in taxpayer dollars on a broken website,” said Ivey.

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