Sunday, November 14, 2010

Left-Wing Daily Kos: “American Dream Worse Than "AIDS"

The left has completely lost touch with mainstream America. They now think the "American Dream" is worse than "AIDS." They should be happy with President Obama. He has been busy destroying the "American Dream."

(Newsbusters)- How much do the bloggers of the Daily Kos hate conservatism and the limited-government ideas that informed America’s founding? They associate them with Satan…and with disease. Blogger Kevin Tully is really angry about the election returns and wondered if “all of us, [are] being played like one huge, oxygen starved, exhausted, gullible fish? Is the destruction of the environment and civil society absolutely necessary to maintain the “American Dream?” He suggested on Thursday that the American Dream is a deadly disease we spread globally:

The “American Dream” is a worldwide viral phenomenon – with many more potentially dire consequences than AIDS or Avian Flu. We have exported this thing from one end of the earth to the other – it’s like the gifted puppy that can never be housetrained, it grows up, still, so cute and familiar – your proud of your gift, it craps on the floor and tears down the curtains – it’s [sic] new owners overlook the crap; the dog is so cute – however, you can’t get over the crap and torn curtains when you visit.

Hat tip Weasel Zippers.

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