Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Michelle Obama Schools President Obama on How to Overcome His Fear of Being Labeled a Muslim

President Obama canceled a visit to the Sikh Golden Temple in India because he was afraid being photographed with his head covered would fuel speculation he is a secret Muslim. Michelle Obama doesn't have the same concern. She donned a headscarf for a visit to a Mosque in Indonesia even though it isn't a requirement.

The Hindustan Times reported:
US first lady Michelle Obama donned a headscarf on a visit to an mosque in Indonesia on Wednesday, not a requirement for a non-Muslim but a sign of the Obamas’ efforts to show respect for the Islamic world. Wearing a beige headscarf adorned with gold beads and a flowing chartreuse trouser suit, the first lady toured Jakarta’s Istiqlal Mosque, Southeast Asia’s largest, while on a short state visit to the world’s most populous Muslim country.

US President Barack Obama had been expected to visit another major religious site during his Asian tour, the Sikh Golden Temple in India, but media reports said the visit was canceled after aides balked at the idea of the president wearing a scarf or skullcap required at the site.

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