Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oh My! Media Matters Calls Rand Paul Claim Federal Employee's make Twice Private Sector False, But True

Federal employees make over twice what private sector employees do. The average federal worker takes home $123,000 in combined pay and benefits. Rand Paul made the claim on FOX News:

Liberals immediately tried to disprove this, but facts are facts and the average federal employees does make $123,000. After some mind-bending mental contortions. liberals are now trying to claim it is false because it is an apples to oranges comparison. In an article titled "Fox's "brain room" parrots Rand Paul's false talking points on federal pay", media matters quotes Politifact for support of their loony theory.
[I]t's important to understand that a big reason for the disparity is the different mix of jobs in the federal work force. It has more higher-paying white-collar jobs...

Liberals are arguing you can't compare federal job pay to private because federal workers have higher paying jobs. Doh!

Liberal Newsweek's Mickey Kaus has been forced to concede Rand Paul was right.

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