Thursday, September 5, 2013

Massachusetts Finest: Elizabeth Warren waffles and Ed Markey votes "Present" on Syria attack...

Massachusetts voters should be embarrassed...

Via Boston Herald
Both of the Bay State’s newly elected senators are balking on decisions on the use of military force in Syria, saying they want more information before they’ll make up their minds — and drawing derision from conservatives.

Edward J. Markey and Elizabeth Warren issued separate statements yesterday which both said they were “concerned about the unintended consequences” of military action to deter the regime of Bashar Assad from using chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war. Markey also voted “present” on a resolution in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to sharply limit President Obama’s military options.
It's hard to understand why an old time liberal like Markey  wouldn't immediately oppose attacking a country that isn't a threat to us. I wonder if  Elizabeth Warren is waiting for direction form her Indian tribal council.

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