Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Video: Moonbat Coffee Shop Owner Explains Why He Kicked Out Cop

A Vegan coffee shop owner in Portland, Oregon doesn't allow police to stop by his establishment. He claims his other clientele is fearful of cops. Hmm... Perhaps they just left the medical marijuana shop.

KATU reported:

Langley said he did so because his clientele is comprised of people who are fearful of police. He said he didn’t intend to slight the officer but was just looking out for the concerns of his customers.

“I feel my role as a proprietor is to make people feel safe,” Langley said. “To make it comfortable for people who feel police make them unsafe. To protect it for people who use the space.”

If you actually have seven minutes to spend watching this video, you will learn why some on the left have earned the title 'moonbat.'

Cafe owner explains why he booted a cop

If this lunatic ever gets robbed, police should stop by one of his competitors for coffee and doughnuts before responding to the call.


GeronL said...

"Moonbat" is a good title for this weirdo

Anonymous said...

Moonbat? This guy needs a rubber room.