Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Video: Obama Fails at Trying to Explain Why He Hasn't Talked to BP CEO Tony Hayward

Many people have been wondering why 40 days into the spill, President Obama hasn't talked to the CEO of the company he claims is responsible for the spill and clean up. President Obama is unable to give Today Show host Matt Lauer a good reason as to why he hasn't talked to BP CEO Tony Hayward about the spill and clean up. When pressed by Lauer, Obama said:
"Look, I would love to vent. I would love to shout and holler because I am thinking about this day in and day out."

I thought President Obama was looking for some "A$$ to kick" in-between his many vacations. Hmm... Perhaps Obama is afraid BP CEO Hayward will ask for a campaign donation refund.

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