Sunday, May 19, 2013

Golfer-in-Chief Hits The Links For The 123rd Time…

The upside is the more he golfs, the less time he has to finish the destruction of America...

Via WHD:
President Obama is golfing today at Joint Base Andrews with HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, outgoing Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, and White House chef Sam Kass.
This amounts to something of a show of support for Sebelius, who is under fire for trying to end run Congress by demanding donations from health care companies to fund efforts to encourage people to enroll in Obamacare.
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Anonymous said...

I never tire of being right! Anyone who hates Barack Obama IS a racist AND a bigot AND an extremist hater!

Because some Republicans are acting like the idea of a president having some one in uniform hold an umbrella for them is an outrageous breach of protocol.

It fits into the ongoing myth that Obama is some radical hater of
America, rather than the reality that he's a center-right politician who
made the mistake of being in the "wrong" political party (and for some
people having the wrong skin color).

The pictures of Bush, Reagan, etc are not digs at those men, they are
digs at those like the author of this blog who are totally ignorant of
history and think that everything that Obama does is some new outrage.

The disgrace in this country comes from one source...the Republicans. The dysfunctional Republicans keep trying the strategy that failed them for over 5-years. It has not worked an will not work to fulfill their stated mission plan to make the president fail. A good president is attacked and held back by a disgraceful party which continues to intentionally hurt our country instead of support it. President Obama is still cleaning up their mess at the same time they continue to make it. Remember this in 2016 and when we vote on the state level.

Oh my god!!! It's military personnel doing their job! The shame! The
disgrace! How dare they! President Obama should have been like President
Reagan! Oh wait.... this is what he did...well damn, what other straw
can we grasp at now? OH! Obama's not American! Yeah let's go back to
that one! When in reality we just don't like him because he's black.
Damn you Obama, thinking your equal to a white president. I think Obama
traveled back in time and made Lincoln sign that piece of paper... what
was it again the emancipation proclamation? Yes! Obama traveled back in
time, planted these thoughts of free black people in Lincolns head, also
went back and tainted with Kings head too... tricky tricky Obama! I've
unveiled the conspiracy!- P.s.- I would not be surprised that this is
the next article I read.

Obama is not destroying America. Congress is

Obama does not hate America if he did then he would not be president

Obama is not a communist. He has ordered bombings of Communist Countries

Obama is not a dictator. If he was we would not be on the internet and

ObamaCare would have passed and Congress wouldn't exist anymore.

If Obama was an usurper then we wouldn't be talking right now

Obama is not a fraud. What proof do you have that he is?

Obama is Obama

Obama is not evil

He is not a Marxist.

He is NOT a Traitor!

Obama HAS done NOTHING worth being impeached expect Presidenting While Black. That's Why you want to impeach him! No you're just racists who can't stand the fact a black guy is the CiC.