Monday, May 20, 2013

Losing that Hopey-Changey Feeling: "This not the President Obama we voted for"

 Heather Long sums up the liberal disappointment with Obama...
You can argue that Republicans have blocked President Obama from doing just about anything. You can argue that he's had bad luck. You can argue that he isn't always the greatest orator. But you can't argue away that the Department of Justice took the unprecedented step of seizing phone records from the Associated Press. Or the flimsy rationale justifying drone attacks abroad and at home. Or the bizarre step the Pentagon has taken to expand the ability of the military to intervene in state and local matters. Or the fact that Guantanamo Bay is still open years after Obama vowed he would close it, and the US is making headlines for force feeding inmates.

These are actions that President Obama and his top team have taken on their own.

Yes, the various scandals have been politicized this week. That's the American we live in today, but even among Obama voters, there should be genuine disappointment. This not the President Obama we voted for, not even close. Read it all...

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