Friday, July 26, 2013

Parents of girl Weiner sexted with call him a 'snake and a pervert.’

They were being to kind...

Via Daily Mail:
Anthony Weiner has been lambasted as a ‘snake and a pervert’ who took advantage of a ‘mixed up kid,’ by the family of the 23-year-old at the heart of his latest sexting scandal.
Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, the close family member said: ‘This guy has used and taken advantage of Syd.
‘He’s a grown man. She’s a young girl and kind of a mixed up kid. She’s bright and she’s pretty but she’s got sucked up in this whole ugly thing and this guy’s a snake and a pervert.’

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Ric 'The Turtle' Ryan said...

If he wasn't a politician, he would be charged as a sexual predator for his actions. But there is a double standard.