Saturday, September 24, 2011

Obvious: President Obama doesn't expect or want his jobs plan to pass Congress

No matter how many times President Obama shouts "pass this bill", Obama neither wants or expects his jobs plan to pass Congress. President Obama is engaging in a class warfare 2012 strategy. Cheri Jacobus over at The Hill explains.
It’s become apparent that Obama doesn’t actually expect or even want his plan to pass Congress. He knows his “savings” aren’t real and won’t stand up to scrutiny by economists and experts, just like they didn’t stand up to former President Clinton’s scrutiny. All candidate Obama needs to extract from his plan and angry rhetoric is to win back his far-left base and trick “regular” people (non-experts) into believing he is fighting for the “little guy,” but those mean, old Republicans are standing in his way and trying to protect rich folks. And of course, to him “rich folks” are the enemy (until they write a check to his reelection campaign).

That, in case anybody is wondering, is the very definition of class warfare... Read the whole article here.

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SE Pepper said...

People who resort to shouting and repeating themselves ad nauseum(especially when there's a microphone right in front of them) usually have already lost the argument, and are simply flailing at that point. Of course he doesn't expect this bill to be passed-- he expects to use the rejection of it as a political weapon in his campaign-- because his campaign is higher in priority over doing ANYTHING about "jobs"-- if at ALL.