Saturday, September 17, 2011

WTH? EPA has its own fugitive list!

 I don't have any problem with trying to capture criminals, but is this really worthwhile? I am betting 99% of the people in this country are completely unaware of this list. The number two guy on the list sold some Freon smuggled in from Mexico.

photograph of fugitive Orman Alghazouli
Omran Alghazouli
  • Wanted Poster (PDF) (1 pg, 59K,About PDF)
  • Alghazouli was charged in the Southern District of California.
  • Alghazouli sold R-12 Freon, an ozone depleting substance, that had been illegally smuggled from Mexico.
  • Alleged violations include:
    • Conspiracy to Smuggle
    • Conspiracy to Launder Money
    • Money Laundering
  • Alghazouli currently is a fugitive believed to be living in Syria.
  • If sighted, contact the Criminal Investigation Division office in San Diego, California at: 1-619-557-2920 or submit the Report a Fugitive's Location web form.

The first fugitive on the list blended some motor oil and evaded Texas taxes. Other things that got people on this ignominious list are lying about waste oil management aboard a ship and importing cars that don't meet emission standards. Most people on the list seem to be foreigners by their name and suspected locations.  Are they serious? 

Here is a screen capture of the entire list from EPA's Fugitive Website.

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buddeshepherd said...

The guy smuggling freon is kind of a hero to me as I have roasted in a hot tractor cab that needed just one can of black market freon.
I will tell you the EPA takes their list pretty seriously, my neighbor who reportedly spent time in jail for not getting the endcap on his manure pipeline would back that up.
(Well it really did make a terrible mess-but jail time?)