Friday, September 23, 2011

Tingles: White Voters are Holding Obama to a Higher Standard or Something

Chris Matthews' claim that white voters will hold President Obama to a higher standard in 2012 because he is black is ridiculous. He is just trying to make you feel guilty that you might be a closet racist. You aren't. A white candidate with Obama's background and experience could have never been elected in 2008 and if one somehow had of been elected, they would be undergoing impeachment proceedings now. In many ways, President Obama is a novelty President. Now that Americans have mostly gotten that out of their system, let's elect a qualified leader in 2012.
CHRIS MATTHEWS: Professor Peterson, let me ask you about white votes.
Do you have a sense as you’ve looked at politics in America that there are some white voters who will vote for an African-American say once? And they will hold that person to a very rigorous standard. Perhaps a much higher standard than they would a white politician.
And they’ll give them one shot and then they’ll dump them the next time.
I look at this, I look at the Ed Brooke. I look at the senator from Illinois. I think about this–
MICHAEL ERIC DYSON: Carol Moseley Braun
MATTHEWS: Yeah, Carol Moseley Braun. I wonder if this is a phenomenon you professors have looked at analytically at all, this sense of, okay, you’ve got your shot, but let’s see you do it, if it isn’t really, really good, you know, you’re out of there.

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