Friday, September 23, 2011

Scott Brown's 2012 Challenger: 'There is Nobody in This Country Who Got Rich On His Own. Nobody'

This Obamabot's name is Elizabeth Warren and the left is all gaga over her. Warre sounds good if you lack critical thinking skills. In this video, she plays the standard Blame Bush for the deficit card and then makes this claim to support higher taxes in the wealthy,
"there is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. Nobody."
Warren's analogy is if someone opens a factory, they transport their goods over public roads, hire people who have received a public education and receive police and fire protection, therefore engaging in class warfare and raising their taxes is justifiable. The Obamabots actually seem to buy that argument. There might be a thin veil of truth to it if the rich factory owner didn't pay any taxes, but, in reality, the rich are already facing the highest tax rates. The Buffet talk about millionaires and billionaires paying lower tax rates than their secretaries is nonsense. The left seems to think they are doing a potential factory owner a favor by allowing them to build and operate a factory in America. They haven't come to grips with the global economy. Companies are doing Americans a favor by building on American soil and hiring American workers. Labor costs and government regulation are much lower in what the auto industry now calls Low Cost Countries(LCC). Fast food, medical care and some service industries have to be located here. Companies manufacturing things and even some service jobs such as call centers have a choice. They can go to Mexico, China, India, Brazil or elsewhere. Here is a flash update for Ms. Warren and the left, they have roads,  educational systems and police/fire departments in foreign countries too.

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