Sunday, September 18, 2011

Who is up for giving GM UAW workers a $5000 signing bonus?

If you aren't, it's tough luck for you because taxpayers still own part of Government Motors General Motors. Interestingly, the new contract raises starting wage for new workers by as much as $3 an hour over the course of the contract. The lowered starting wage was touted as a major concession by the UAW to make the big three more competitive with the Japanese transplant automakers. Now that the bailout is over, until next time, the UAW wants to backtrack and go back to the old days and ways.

The AP reported:
The United Auto Workers union won $5,000 signing bonuses and the possibility of sweeter profit-sharing checks as part of a new four-year contract with General Motors Co., two people briefed on the talks said Saturday.
The deal, which was reached late Friday, also includes a $2- to $3-per-hour pay raise for entry-level workers over the life of the contract and guarantees more union jobs, the people said.
Both persons asked to remain anonymous because the details of the contract haven’t been reviewed by all local union leaders.
The GM deal will serve as a template for contracts that still must be negotiated with Chrysler Group LLC and Ford Motor Co. It would set the pay and benefits for 112,500 U.S. auto workers. It also sets the bar for pay and benefits at nonunion auto companies and other industries across the country.
The contract is the first since GM and Chrysler received government bailouts to make it through bankruptcy protection in 2009. GM earned $4.7 billion last year.
Workers have to approve the deal before it can take effect. A vote is expected within 10 days…

Also watching closely is the White House. GM received a $49.5 billion government bailout two years ago and is still part-owned by the U.S. Treasury. An agreement that is favorable to GM could help the company’s stock rise, which would get the Treasury closer to making back the money it is owed when it sells its remaining shares.

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