Saturday, July 21, 2012

Democrats use Aurora shooting to call for more gun control...

NYC Mayor Bloomberg and Jesse Jackson use the Aurora shooting to advance the liberal cause of gun control. Newt Gingrich destroys them.

As a side note, the theater where the shooting was a gun free zone. A single person with a conceal and carry permit might had reduced the carnage. We will never know.

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Interested Bystander said...

Hey All,

WHY is this being politicized?

Why isn't the conversation about why others in the theater wasn't armed to STOP this madman.

The theater was a "gun free" zone, but it sure didn't stop THIS person from bringing in guns, now did it?

I hear the story now is that the gunman bought a ticket, and then left the theater through a door that he propped open, went and put on his "gear", and then came back in the propped open door to commit his crimes.

So if someone would have simply went and closed the propped open door, this tragedy could have played out differently.

But like the FT Hood crime spree, this will be analized and a "report" will be generated and blame will be put on something other than where it belongs.