Friday, July 27, 2012

Demo Pennsylvania election official to refuse to enforce voter ID law

You can't get on an airplane, buy a pack of smokes, sign up for social security, cash a check, purchase a gun, pick up FedEx mail, enter Eric Holder's Justice Department or a host of other everyday activities without proper identification. I find it incredible that Democrats think it's a burden to ask for a photo ID to vote. I have carried a photo ID every day since I was sixteen. The only people I know who don't carry ID are criminals who don't want cops to know their real name because they have warrants. If there are law-abiding citizens out there without a photo ID, we would be doing them a public service if we expedited them getting one.

Via HuffPo:
A local election official in Pennsylvania announced plans Thursday to defy the state and resist enforcing its newly enacted voter ID law, signed by Gov. Tom Corbett (R) earlier this year.

Christopher Broach, a Democrat who oversees elections in Delaware County, a Keystone State suburb, told thePhiladelphia Inquirer he won’t ask voters to present ID because it’s a violation of their civil rights, implemented “for the sake of getting Mitt Romney elected.”

“To ask me to enforce something that violates civil rights is ludicrous and absolutely something I am not willing to do,” Broach told the outlet in an interview.

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