Monday, July 30, 2012

Michigan Unions Try to Pass Constitutional Amendment to Prevent 'Right to Work' Laws

Strangely, they have  named the amendment the “Protect Our Jobs Act.” If they had called it the "Destroy Michigan's Economy Act," that would be closer to the truth."

Reuters via Yahoo:
The union-backed ballot proposal would make collective bargaining a constitutionally protected right and cripple efforts to pass so-called “right to work” legislation in the state. Critics say the measure, which would cover private as well as public employees, would be a “death warrant” for Michigan’s economy because it would discourage businesses from bringing new jobs to Michigan and encourage some already in the state to leave.
But the Mackinac Center and other critics, including the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, say the amendment – which supporters call the “Protect Our Jobs Act” – would be a more sweeping measure.
They claim it would allow public-sector unions to use contract negotiations to override acts of the legislature, such as laws limiting how much taxpayers pay for government employee healthcare.
“It is extremely radical and would fundamentally change the power structure in Michigan,” Vernuccio said.

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