Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shameful: Muslim countries blocked the “One-Minute of Silence” to honor the 11 murdered Israeli athletes

This is a shameful moment in the history of the Olympics.
(INN) — An Olympics official admitted that Muslim countries blocked the “One-Minute of Silence” campaign to honor the 11 murdered Israeli athletes, one of the widows said.
Ankie Spitzer, whose husband Andre was one of the athletes massacred in the Munich Games in 1972, told the European Jewish Press that Jacques Rogge, president of the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games, told her that his “hands were tied” by the admission of 46 Arab and Muslim members to the International Olympic Committee.
She replied, “My husband’s hands were tied, not yours.”
The widow has been conducting an uphill battle to convince the International Olympics Committee to remember the slain athletes with one minute of silence before the opening of the Games in London next week. It never has done so since the murders 40 years ago.
Spitzer gained support for her effort from several countries, including the United States, Britain, Australia, Belgium and Germany. A letter appealing for the minute of silence was signed by 140 Italian legislators, to no avail.

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