Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday Video: 71-year-old shoots would-be robbers at internet cafe

The best anti-crime tool is a well armed citizenry.

71-year-old shoots would-be robbers at internet cafe

Via YouTube:
Two hooded men, their faces covered, went into a Florida Internet cafe Friday, hefting a baseball bat and toting a handgun. What they couldn't have expected to encounter was Samuel Williams, a fleet-of-foot senior citizen with a gun.

The two suspects, identified by authorities as DuWayne Henderson and Davis Dawkins, went spinning and running after Williams, 71, dropped to one knee and aimed his .380.

Video of the incident at the Palms Internet Cafe in Ocala, Fla., shows two suspects directing patrons, who have their hands raised. Williams, a grandfatherly looking man in billed cap and shorts, stands, then bends briefly to one knee and begins shooting.

The suspects scramble to exit, falling over one another as Williams continues his pursuit....

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