Thursday, May 9, 2013

GOP Congressman's Re-Election Campaign Raffles Off AR-15 "Grab this gun before Obama does!”"


Via Daily Mail:
While congressional gun control advocates and gun-rights supporters duke it out with words and parliamentary tactics, Texas Republican Rep. Steve Stockman is showing off his Second Amendment fervor by doing what some consider unthinkable: giving away a Bushmaster AR-15 rifle, the same weapon crazed murderer Adam Lanza used in his December massacre at a Connecticut elementary school.

Stockman, a congressional freshman whose campaign boasts on Twitter that he is ‘the most conservative Congressman in Texas,’ is angling for a second term.

His campaign – not his government office, spokesman Donny Ferguson told MailOnline – is offering the unusual prize to entrants who join his online mailing list.

Twitter erupted late Wednesday after the congressman announced the prize giveaway by tweeting: ‘Want to win a FREE AR-15? Congressman Steve Stockman is giving one away! … Grab this gun before Obama does!”

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