Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mother Of Sean Smith, Who Was Killed in Benghazi, Blames Hillary Clinton For The Death Of My Son

Me too...

Via Real Clear Politics:
Pat Smith’s son Sean Smith, a State Department information officer, was one of four Americans killed during the attack.
JAKE TAPPER: One woman still looking for answers is Pat Smith. Her son, State Department Information Officer Sean Smith was one of the four Americans killed. Pat, thanks so much for being here. I know this is not an easy time. How are you holding up?
PAT SMITH, MOTHER OF SEAN SMITH, KILLED IN BENGHAZI: Terrible. I cry every night. I don’t sleep at night. I need answers.
TAPPER: What do you want answers to? What do you not know?
SMITH: Why was there no security for him? When they were supposed to have security and the security that they did have was called back. It just — things do not add up and I’m just told lies.
TAPPER: Last week, you heard this in the piece the White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said that Benghazi happened a long time ago.
SMITH: Yes, it did.
TAPPER: Eight months ago.
TAPPER: What is your reaction to that?
SMITH: Why don’t they have answers by now? They’ve had plenty of time to come up with something other than the things they have not told me.
TAPPER: Are you concerned at all that the hearings and Benghazi that has become a political issue, the Republicans have turned it into a political issue. The Democrats have turned it into a political issue as opposed to being a scandal and a tragedy apart from politics?
SMITH: Of course, it’s political. That’s the way it’s been. That’s how they’re treating it. That’s what they’re doing with it. They’re making it into something that — why don’t they just do their job? They didn’t do their job and now they’re hiding behind the word political and going from there.
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