Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Shameful: AFL-CIO chief takes White House to task for supporting Walmart5 hiring veterans...

Trumka should be ashamed to pose in front of our flag

As if we needed another reason to dislike the AFL-CIO...

Via NRO:
From the “What On Earth Where They Thinking?” files: Union boss Rich Trumka, head of the powerful AFL-CIO, has taken the White House to task for the president’s support of a Walmart program to expedite hiring of military veterans,according to the Hill. Seriously.
You may recall that, in January, Walmart announced a hiring initiative to provide jobs (at least part-time) to any veteran who passed a basic background check. Iwrote supportively of the program at the time.
It may not be a comprehensive and enduring answer to the problem of veterans’ unemployment, but it’s a start, and it’s driven entirely by private-sector initiative. To their credit, the Obama administration offered praise for Walmart’s effort.
Enter Trumka with his ham-handed critique of this well-meaning initiative. Why would a union leader go on record criticizing a veterans’ hiring initiative? Could it be that he has a personal axe to grind with Walmart because they haven’t caved to his every demand? Either way, we wondered if maybe something had been lost in translation, so we checked out Trumka’s full statement at the AFL-CIO website.
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