Monday, May 6, 2013

Viral Video: Marine Destroys Demo Senator Manchin at Town Hall over supporting anti-coal Obama and immigration reform...

Go Marines!

ADKINS: I’m Shaun Atkins. I’m a [inaudible] resident of Logan County. I’m a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. And I know we’ve kind of gotten off-track here – the majority of this has been about the guns –
ATKINS: I think we’ve finished a lot more issues than just the guns. As a citizen of Logan, West Virginia, and an American, I’m very concerned and very troubled about a lot of things that’s going on in our country today. I’m concerned about the future of our country. The future for my kids, their grandkids – or my grandkids. For the children we met a few minutes ago. They’re not going to be able to grow up in the same kind of society that you and I did. A free and secure society. Right now in Washington you guys are spending money in an alarming pace. It’s – I mean, it’s unsustainable. If it doesn’t get fixed, if somebody doesn’t do something to stop it, we will sink. That’s very troubling. We send billions of dollars a year to other countries, many of whom want to kill us, while we have kids in our own country going to bed hungry at night. That’s not acceptable. That’s totally unacceptable, okay? In the Marine Corps we had a saying: lead far and get the hell out of the way. That’s a common military saying. You know, we have one of the most anti-coal administrations in the history in the white house right now. And might I remind you, Senator, you happened to help put him in office. Back in 2008 you called him your partner. Okay? To this day I do not know any words from you that state anything different from that.
MANCHIN: Well, Shaun, every word since then has been different. In 2008 I knew the guy when he was a Senator from Illinois. We had a lot of West Virginians working down there in the coal fields. Our offices, when I was governor – I could work with him. I had no problem. Soon as he became president it shut down completely
ADKINS: But you knew his intent back then. You knew back then, that he was anti-coal – that he was anti-fossil fuels.
MANCHIN: Well if he did he camouflaged – I didn’t know that. If I’d have known that I would have – how can you be from Illinois and be a proponent of the coal industry in Illinois and then all of a sudden – I don’t know what changed. I don’t know, maybe that was always his intent, but it was camouflaged well. I didn’t know it until he got there in the future. 
ADKINS: I agree with that. He camouflaged a lot of things.
MANCHIN: Okay. And then in 2009, that’s when I went toe-to-toe with him, and I said, “Mr. President, you’ve villainized coal. You’ve been very effective at villainising coal. And coal has basically gave us the country we have. You’re talking about all this other – Afghanistan War, Iraq War, okay. You know why? I’m up there now and we’re talking about Syria, weapons of mass destruction. I’m in a secured meeting and I’m looking at all of the Senators and it’s very secure meeting and we’re hearing what’s going on and I can see the doubt in senator’s minds thinking, “I wonder if they’re telling us the truth or not”. Ain’t that a shame? Because in Iraq we were lied to and Iraq about we had to go in there with mass destruction?
ATKINS: And one thing that I strongly agree with you on you said earlier about the D’s and the R’s. But I’ll be honest with you, I’m fed up with all of it. I’m fed up with the D’s and the R’s. Because we don’t have anything anymore. You know, we have people ignoring our borders. We have drugs, guns and illegal aliens coming across our border like it’s an 8 lane super highway. Okay? Like I mentioned, the anti-coal rhetoric from Washington is all in the name of Global Warming and Climate Change which is nothing but a hoax, okay? So we’re out there chasing unicorns and leprechauns while we have people that can’t put food on the table and pay their house payment and that’s unacceptable.
MANCHIN: What do you think about the immigration laws? 11 million illegal immigrants here.
ADKINS: If it were me, do you want – my opinions are a dime a dozen. But if it were me – I served my country. We have troops right now in over 118 different countries which is totally ridiculous. We do not need troops spread out like glorified boy scout troops all over the world like that.
MANCHIN: I agree with you.
ADKINS: I’d bring most of them home. I would fix our border. I would put a fence up. I wouldn’t have took the 787 billion dollars we spent on [inaudible], I would have put the fence up and I would have put a platoon of marines every mile at one mile intervals along that border and by God, nobody would come across it  once that fence was built. I would have been getting rid of the illegals and the drug runners and the gun smugglers and the criminals that had gotten into this country. And the ones we let – the ones we let, I would have allowed them some sort of reprieve possibly if they had followed the law, if they had paid taxes, if they had [CROSSTALK] but nobody’s wanted to talk about that because --