Friday, July 5, 2013

Unlikely: Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt claims interim President is a Jew...

When in trouble, blame the Jews...

Via JPost:
The Muslim Brotherhood claimed in a post on its official website that Egypt’s new interim president Adli Mansour is Jewish, The Washington Post reported on Friday. The article on IkhwanOnline was subsequently removed.
Mansour, who previously served as the constitutional court’s chief justice was sworn in as interim president on Thursdayafter the army removed Islamist President Mohamed Morsi from power.
According to the Post, the article falsely stated that Mansour is “considered to be a Seventh Day Adventist, which is a Jewish sect.”
The authors also claimed that the Pope of Egypt’s Coptic church had refused to convert Mansour to Christianity.
The article on IkhwanOnline, according to the Post, posited that Mansour’s appointment was backed by Israel and the US as part of a plan to eventually install leading opposition figure and former IAEA chief Mohamed ElBardei as president.
Islamists in the Middle East play the Jew card like the left in America plays the Race card...

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