Thursday, August 19, 2010

Flashback: Christian Barack Obama Mocked Bible in 2006 (video)

After a recent poll that found 24% of Americans think Obama is a Muslim, the White House felt forced to reaffirm the claim he is a Christian. They claim he prays every day. However, back in 2006, Senator Barack Obama mocked the bible. Watch this video.

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Anonymous said...

Barack is in Judges 4 & 5, and the "Song of Deborah" a great prophetess of the times.The Lord told her to call Barack to go to war for the people of Israel.Barack would not go without Deborah even tho' she warned him the glory would not be his.Barack won the war and between him and Deborah the people of Israel had 40 years of peace. I don't understand why no one focuses on that.