Saturday, August 28, 2010

Louisiana Voters Think Bush Did a Better Job of Handling Crisis Than Obama by 54%-33%

Louisiana has face two major crisis in recent years. The first was hurricane Katrina handled by former President Bush. The second was the Gulf oil spill handled by current President Obama. A PPP poll asked likely voters who they think is better at handling crisis, Obama or Bush. 54% chose President Bush. Only 33% picked President Obama.

81% of Louisiana voters support offshore drilling.
While support has nearly returned to previous levels elsewhere, support in Louisiana has, if it were possible, also increased, to 81%, with only 9% not in favor


Anonymous said...

President Bush's handling of Katrina could have been better, but he never deliberately did something to harm Louisiana like President Obama's drilling ban.

Teresa said...

Great news!!

Unfortunately President Bush didn't have much cooperation from the local leaders before the storm hit, plus both the timeline of the storm and the levees breaking due to many years of not being repaired didn't help very much either. Plus, it wasn't really Katrina that actually caused the damage in Louisiana, the actual brunt of the storm took place in Mississippi, and it was levees that were the problem there.