Friday, August 20, 2010

Why Swim the Rio Grande or Climb the Fence? Just Take the Footbridge From Mexico to US.

Just 3 miles from the $2 billion fence taxpayers built on the Mexican border, there is an unguarded footbridge from Mexico to the U.S. It takes 12 seconds to cross. The International Boundary Water Commission claims it is not a bridge. They call it a grade control structure. Border Patrol agents think it is a bridge, but they can't do anything about it unless requested by Homeland Security. So far, that request hasn't come.

NorCal reported:
Officially it is called a grade control structure, designed in the mid 1930's to stabilize and prevent a shift in water during a high river flow. Well, the border patrol agent and the reporter both disagree with the spokeswoman for the International Boundary Water Commission who says, this is not a footbridge. A close look at the fresh sneaker tracks at the end of the structure in the sand though, tell a different story.

Click the image for AP video.

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