Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rick Sanchez Makes Lame Apology for Calling Obama "Cotton Picking President"

If Rick Sanchez were a conservative, he would mostly likely be forced to resign. Of course, there aren't any conservatives left at CNN.

Partial transcript via NewsBusters:
In the middle of that conversation, at one point, I said, why can't the president of the United States seem to figure this out? After all, he is the cotton-picking president of the United States. Well, soon after I said that, I started getting some Tweets from some of you, saying, you just said 'cotton-picking president of the United States' about the first black president of the United States? Without even realizing it?

I've was just saying 'cotton picking' because it's a term that I've used because I grew up in the South. It's a point that's often used to illustrate frustration- not in any way shown to use- used to show any kind of disrespect. However, I apologize nonetheless for using it, in case it was taken by anyone as an act of disrespect. So, there you go.


Anonymous said...

Sanchez should be fired.

Anonymous said...

I accept his apology. Let's not get your panties in a wad folks.