Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fail: Desperate Obama Now Hawking Grilling Aprons

President Obama's approval is undergoing a polling meltdown. In order to have a chance to win re-election, he plans to raise as much as a billion dollars. His latest donation attracting scheme involves selling grilling aprons.
(Politico44)- This just in from President Obama’s Twitter account: The heat is getting turned up.

That is, according to the campaign’s latest presidential merchandise. “Fired up, ready to grill? Get our 2012 apron for your next tailgate or BBQ,” the campaign staff announced on the @BarackObama handle, linking to a picture of a blue, two-pocket apron that says “FIRED UP, READY TO GRILL,” “2012 , BARACKOBAMA.COM,” and a picture of a grill that is literally fired up. It costs $35.

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