Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Most Anti-Business President Ever Wants to make It Possible for the Unemployed to Sue Employers

 You just can't make stuff like this up. As part of Obama's job's bill Porkulus II, President Obama wants to make it possible for the unemployed to sue prospective employers if they believe they were discriminated against for being unemployed. How President Obama can think making it more likely for a business to get sued, if they post a help wanted sign, will make them more likely to try to hire someone is beyond comprehension. Actually, there is an explanation. Obama's jobs bill isn't about jobs at all. He knows he didn't send the House anything the GOP would pass. This is about posturing for re-election in 2012. The unemployment discrimination thing is about keeping the campaign contributions from trial lawyers flowing.

(The Hill) — President Obama’s American Jobs Act, which he presented to Congress on Monday, would make it illegal for employers to run advertisements saying that they will not consider unemployed workers, or to refuse to consider or hire people because they are unemployed.

The proposed language is found in a section of the bill titled “Prohibition of Discrimination in Employment on the Basis of an Individual’s Status as Unemployed.” That section would also make it illegal for employers to request that employment agencies take into account a person’s unemployed status.

It would also allow aggrieved job-seekers to seek damages if they have been discriminated against. This provision in particular prompted Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) to argue that Obama’s proposal is aimed at creating a new, special class of people who can sue companies.

“So if you’re unemployed, and you go to apply for a job and you’re not hired for that job, see a lawyer,” Gohmert said on the House floor. “You might be able to file a claim because you got discriminated against because you’re unemployed.”

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