Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rush Limbaugh Defends Rick Perry Against Vitriolic Attacks by GOP Opponents (video)

 Rush Limbaugh defended Gov. Rick Perry after the pile-on at the last GOP debate. Limbaugh called the attacks on Perry's Social Security comments and executive order for a cancer vaccine,
 "...a giant distraction."

This GOP primary election should be about running the most conservative candidate against Obama who has a reasonable chance to win. I like Bachmann and Cain. They have good conservative credentials, but it is hard to imagine them winning against Obama and his billion dollar campaign. Ron Paul has views that even many Republicans consider extremist. Huntsman is practically a Democrat. Romney, Sanatorum and Gingrich are viewed as mainstream Republican insiders. That leaves Texas Gov. Rick Perry. He has some positions Conservatives disagree with, but seems acceptable to most Conservatives and the Tea Party branch of the GOP. If Romney would do a complete Mea culpa on Romneycare, he might be more acceptable to Conservatives, but he insists on defending it. If the economy goes completely into a double-dip recession, anyone but Paul could possibly beat Obama. As patriots, we have to hope the economy doesn't do that.

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