Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Eric Holder won't prosecute illegals for stealing social security numbers, but will prosecute people for using fake social network names

The duplicity of Eric Holders Justice Department is bizarre beyond belief. He won't prosecute illegals for identity theft, even though millions are using stolen names and social security numbers. However, if you lie about your name on  Facebook or your weight on, he wants to prosecute you under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.
(CNET)- In a statement obtained by CNET that's scheduled to be delivered tomorrow, the Justice Department argues that it must be able to prosecute violations of Web sites' often-ignored, always-unintelligible "terms of service" policies.

The law must allow "prosecutions based upon a violation of terms of service or similar contractual agreement with an employer or provider," Richard Downing, the Justice Department's deputy computer crime chief, will tell the U.S. Congress tomorrow.

Scaling back that law "would make it difficult or impossible to deter and address serious insider threats through prosecution," and jeopardize prosecutions involving identity theft, misuse of government databases, and privacy invasions, according to Downing.

The law in question, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act,...  

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