Friday, November 18, 2011

Obama spending $400 million to bolster your "human right" to high-speed internet

How about a human right to keep our money away from greedy politicians who want to redistribut our wealth?
(Judicial Watch) — Following a laughable United Nations declaration that high-speed internet access is a basic human right, the Obama Administration is investing north of $400 million to expand broadband into poor, rural areas of the U.S.

The president has long asserted that broadband access is essential for communities to compete on a “level playing field” and he’s included it among the necessities to improve the lives of rural Americans. The agency in charge of distributing the money — the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) — took it a step further this week, asserting that high speed internet connections will help low-income residents in a variety of unimaginable areas.

For instance, it will “improve healthcare and educational opportunities,” according to Obama’s Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. Broadband will also help the poor “connect to global markets,” Vilsack said, and it will provide “much-needed services to rural businesses and residents.” The investment, presumably on the part of the government, will also “increase jobs” in rural areas, Vilsack assures.

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