Sunday, November 20, 2011

#OccupyMilwaukee caught giving kids cigarettes to sign Walker recall petition?

If this video is what it appears to be, this is election fraud.

Occupy Milwaukee - Apparent Recall Walker Signature Fraud

Via YouTube:
Recall Walker Signature Collection Fraud — Cigarettes for Signatures

This video and pictures were collected on the corner of 7th and North Ave. in Milwaukee during the “Occupy Milwaukee” protest/takeover of the bridge. These appear to be children under the age of 18. They were also given cigarettes in exchange for their signatures. They were asked if it would be OK to contact them to enlist their help in getting signatures from their friends.

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Rick Sincere said...

Wouldn't signatures of people not yet old enough to vote be invalid, and therefore not able to be counted toward the number necessary to trigger the recall election?