Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Today's Fun Video: Obama gets heckled by "Occupiers " (video)

Serves him right.

Obama Gets Protested by OWS at Event in Manchester, NH


Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

You know BP, I don't blame them. We don't want a payroll tax holiday. We want the Bush tax cuts to expire. We want a nation that pays it's bills and keeps it's promises.

Nobody's life was made better because they got a few bucks from the payroll tax holiday. Nobody is going to go to Taco Bell an extra time cause they got an extra $8 on thir paychecks. It's all relative. If your tax holiday meant an extra $50 that's no bigger a deal than the poor guy who's holiday was $2. But when it's time to retire and the guy at the SS office says sorry. You have to wait three more years because that's how we paid for the payroll tax holiday 20 years ago, then you wish it's never happened. Obama panders far too much to the right. I am fed up with politicians telling us whatever crap they think we want to hear.

Sue said...

Appeasement don't buy ya love!~